A selection of what integrations can be used for

CRM and email marketing

Integration between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and email marketing systems enables the exchange of customer data. This makes it possible to create targeted email campaigns based on CRM information or to collect information from your website that is saved to your CRM system.

E-commerce and inventory management systems

An integration between e-commerce platforms and inventory management systems enables automated handling of orders, inventory control and updating of product information.

Customer service and knowledge base

Integration between customer service systems and knowledge databases enables quick access to relevant information, which can improve customer support efficiency and response times.

HR systems and recruitment tools

Integration between HR systems and recruitment tools can facilitate the recruitment process by automatically transferring and updating candidate information and displaying your vacancies on your website.

Financial systems and accounting software

Integration between financial systems and accounting software enables automated transfer of transaction data and facilitates the accounting process.

Email and calendar integration

The integration between email and calendar services enables the synchronization of meeting invitations and events, helping to organize the working day.

Integrations from Trinxy

We have built a number of integrations over the years and no task is too small or large. As long as there is an API we can read or a database we can access, we can solve most things.

A selection of integrations we have worked with


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables easy creation and management of online stores for businesses. With its user-friendly tools, Shopify offers a complete solution for selling products and services online.


Stripe is a global payment service provider that offers a platform for businesses to manage online payments, manage subscriptions and perform various financial transactions online. With a focus on easy integration and ease of use, Stripe has become popular among businesses and developers for its flexible payment solutions.


Adyen is a global payment service provider that offers comprehensive solutions for businesses to manage their payment flows, including online and in-store payments. They specialize in providing secure and versatile payment services worldwide.

Katalogtjänst HSA

Katalogtjänst HSA is an electronic catalog that contains quality-reviewed information about organizations and people in care and social care in Sweden. The information in the HSA is used in many services so that residents and staff can search for contact information and find the right care online.


Typesense is a powerful and user-friendly search engine for developers that offers fast and scalable search functionality to improve the user experience of websites and apps. With a focus on easy integration and high performance, Typesense makes it possible to search and sort through large data sets in an efficient way.


HubSpot is a leading marketing, sales and customer service platform that offers integrated tools to manage and automate various aspects of business relationships. In addition, HubSpot provides powerful customer relationship, marketing automation and analytics capabilities to help businesses drive their growth strategies.


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