How we work

Ikon tekniska förutsättningar

1. Specification

A specification is made where we together evaluate your needs and goals with the website.

Ikon specifikation

2. Content

You give us the material we need, for example images and texts.

Ikon skiss

3. Design sketch

We then start by sketching out your website.

Ikon utveckling

4. Development

After the design sketch is ready and approved, we build your site with the pages, functions and solutions that are needed.

Ikon lansering

5. Launch

The finished project is published and any accounts are handed over.

Ikon support

6. Administration

We do not disappear here, we offer both web hosting, WordPress support and further development.

Website from Trinxy

No project is the same, so we do not have ready-made packages, but adapt based on each project. We work both by the hour or with a fixed price. Contact us via the form below for a free quote for your particular project.

Ingår i alla våra projekt

Wordpress logotyp WordPress

The world's most popular CMS (Content Management System). You can change the content on the page yourself after we deliver the first version.

Responsiv ikon Responsive

All our pages are responsive, which means they can be used on mobile, computer and tablet. Probably with a fridge, but we haven't tested that...

SEO ikon SEO-friendly

We have adapted the page to give you as good a technical SEO (search engine optimization) start as possible. The most important thing, however, is the content, and you get to take over there.

Analytics ikon Google Analytics

Statistics on your visitors and what they do on your site. We can also help you set goals and reports for an additional cost.

Free quote

Our packages do not suit everyone and if you are looking for something else, just fill in the form and we will get back to you with a no-hassle quote.

You can also contact us directly at or via Facebook Messenger.

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